Founded in 1998, the Majik House has spent almost two decades revolutionizing client’s lives, transforming their homes from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

The aim of founders Tim and Carol Burrow is to enhance the workings of the modern day home, designing installing and programming quality automation systems for discerning people; creating custom-made “Smart Homes”

From the early days of home cinema, multi-room sound and lighting control, when expertise in the field was still in its infancy, Tim has endeavoured to deliver something more – instilling a sense of magic to what would otherwise be detached technology, lacking the “wow” factor that Tim and his team strive for.

He is reaping the rewards of investing in qualified industry professionals as he has a combined experience of over 100 years in the team and they each manage and own individual projects down to the smallest detail.

What is a smart home? A smart home differs from other houses in that it has an infrastructure that allows various systems and devices in the home to communicate with each other. These can be cabled or wireless systems, dependent on whether your home is in the planning stage or has recently been refurbished and means your home is completely clutter free.

The integration of systems includes heating, lighting, home cinema, security; TV/satellite distribution, gate control, blinds and curtains, water and much more.

The success of the business Carol believes is due to the time they invest in understanding how the client lives in their home and creating a relationship that confirms trust between both parties.

It is similar to building a house you have to get the foundations secure before you can start building the part we all see and enjoy because if that is not right in time it will show the cracks and problems.

Carol continued “We are a team of individuals who place significant emphasis on our client relationships and ensuring we keep the client for life”


Our very first client asked the question how long would we be in business, he was parting with a significant amount of money and wanted to know we would be around to service his system – 18 years on we can confirm we are still here and bigger and busier than ever.

The crowning glory of the Majik House is its Experience Centre, the largest showroom of its kind in the UK, showcasing the latest technology available.

Nestled in the magnificent surroundings of the Lake District on the outskirts of Kirkby Lonsdale, it comprises the latest technology features for the home, seamlessly combined with fine décor and modern living accessories.

A plethora of screen options are on display – hidden behind tiles, flush with walls, converting to mirrors and pictures and able to transform to computer monitors; some appearing from chests at the end of beds and being able to turn 360 degrees so you can watch it wherever you are in the room.

In a large section of the showroom is a cinema to die for with full Dolby Atmos sound- it surpasses the experience gained in any leading multiplex.

Clients are often offered the opportunity to bring the family for a cinema night so they can fully immerse themselves in what is possible-with complimentary popcorn and ice cream! Just like test-driving a Ferrari or a Lamborghini – it gives clarity to the decision making process!

Venturing upstairs visitors experience an array of carefully designed lighting options that make walls and stairs come to life.

Tim commented on the value of lighting design “Where a client has an opportunity to create lighting options to give real ambience to their home this should come top of their list in terms of interior expenditure. Without lighting design a home never seems to quite fulfill its potential”

With their excellent team of lighting designers the Majik House can provide a look that will enhance the ambience of the client’s home.

Design is key to the service provided by the Majik House. All systems need careful design to ensure the client gets what they are wanting. Coordination between other trades people on site is necessary to ensure interpretation is correct and activities meet the deadlines agreed.

As a company they deliver systems both large and small; one-room solutions to full house systems and a variety in between.

Tim said “We love projects that ask for the unusual as this challenges us all to find the right solutions, to date we have always been able to say “Yes`” to any client requirements. Take the challenge and find out if they can deliver your unusual request!

Recently a client in Nigeria requested an entertainment system design and then due to the Ebola crisis Majik House was not prepared to send their team out there to do the installation.


Majik House Technician Kris Winder made a scheduled Skype video call to the property and started walking a local Lagos electrician through the specialist process of installation and step-by-step programming.

“We know both these systems really well; expertly, in fact.” says Kris, “It isn’t an easy task even for a highly qualified electrician, so it was a case of talking through every step with his hands doing what I’d normally do.”

What could have been an exhausting exercise actually went like clockwork and, in under five hours on the Skype call, the systems had been re-programmed, all automatic sequences were operational and the home entertainment equipment made fully operational to the client’s requirements.


The advances in technology and communications systems make it possible for us to manage systems virtually anywhere in the world. When a client rings with a system problem the start point is to check everything remotely before we venture out to them. The advantages of this are that it is faster to get a result and less costly for the client as a callout is not always necessary.

Many of our clients are time poor so the speed of our response and rectification of an issue become a paramount requirement of our after care service.

Tim’s closing comments to our interview were amusing yet apt

“ The world of supercars has a close alignment with our industry as our company line is “We have everything you want but nothing you need” Who needs a supercar?

It is an aspirational product just like smart technology.

We are the proverbial sweet shop tempting you and exciting you to indulge in systems that will bring you enormous family joy, interior beauty and the ability to make you feel safe in your own home”


In our next edition Majik House will be exploring for you the whole issue of why you should have a home cinema and how you can ensure you choose the system best for you.