Then we create

Visiting your home or site is part of our process so that we can continue learning about you.

In addition visiting our award winning Experience Centre will inspire you and give you confidence about our expertise and how we work.

We then design your project systems and share these with you. Giving you time to digest and return for any alterations you want making until we have your vision in place.

Jointly we commit

With your project shaped and agreed, together we commit to the project. Dates are put in place, contracts are signed and we can start working our particular brand of magic.

Making it happen

Your team are provided with a full briefing session on your project. Then brought to site before the work commences to become familiar with the expectations.

You will get to know your engineer(s) who take enormous pride in their work and look forward to showing you how to work your systems at the end.

They enjoy talking about their work and asking them questions will always be welcomed.

Blowing you away

Our minimum aim is meet your expectation but we strive to "blow you away" with the end result and the way we deliver the project. To this end we ask to come and meet with you to gain feedback to help us learn and continue to strive for perfection.

We want your systems to enhance the way you live, provide you with immense enjoyment and make you feel secure.

With you all the way

The project may be complete but our journey together does not end here. In reality, it is the beginning. We are here to continue providing you with support, particularly in the first 12 months whilst systems embed and you become familiar with them.

You can then choose to engage with us and take out an aftercare programme. So we can be available as and when you require our support.

We want you to enjoy you relationship with Majik House and the service we deliver.

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