Majik House are giving Luxury Home Builders the opportunity to offer clients the ability to upgrade their homes to a state-of-the-art Smart Home. Including Built-In Technology from a trusted brand such as Majik House helps set your developments apart from the rest.
Integrated Music Systems, Home Cinema, Smart Heating and Lighting Control, CCTV, Automatic Blinds and Curtains, Access Control and Security Systems are all high on the wish list for Buyers of Luxury Homes. By having a defined process to have those options chosen, designed and fitted by experts during the build process minimises any disruption to your program. Whilst massively improving your buyers experience with minimal or no cost to yourselves.
We have put together several packages for previous developments to suit you, the client and the development.
Please check out some recent schemes below and get in touch to see what we can add to your developments.
Jit Mistry
Project Manager
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Majik House - Partner to Luxury Home Builders   

Tech Savvy

offering a service to set up your Smart Home devices, connect them & show you how to make the most of them

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