Many of us have a host of Smart Devices in our homes and probably only use or know how to use a fraction of their capabilities.

Some people have the knowledge and intuition to instinctively get these devices to work, talk to one another and make their houses work smoothly. But then for some of us it takes us longer to work it out and maybe we give up and just use a little of the capability and suffer the problems they can cause if not installed/used correctly – we call this ‘friction’ and it is this we can help with!

Sound familiar?

Here are some typical examples:

● Got a new phone and nothing works like it used too.
● Internet is slow.
● All these passwords, how can I hope to remember all these?
● Is my house internet safe?
● I have no mobile phone signal when I am home, how can I get this to work?
● Will my iPad work in the garden?
● Music is easy on my phone, but it sounds poor!
And so on……… – friction that we can remove for you! Easily!

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Tech Savvy is a new and evolving company based in Cumbria with many years of experience gleaned from our partners at Majik House, offering a service to come and set up your devices, connect them, show you how to make the most of them and also problem solve any issues you may have with them! We can in some instances do this via ‘Zoom’ or remotely if you prefer.

For a fee of £30 per hour* we will provide you with a tech expert to come and remove this friction with you.

Email:  |  Mobile: 07949 643 007

We will then send you a short form to complete to let us know what your issues are. To help us get started and when you would like us to visit or get in touch.

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Tech Savvy

offering a service to set up your Smart Home devices, connect them & show you how to make the most of them

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