Illuminati lighting is one of the most exclusive lighting manufactures in the world, with clients as highbrow as esteemed Royalty to Rihanna. They employ the most highly skilled artisan Italian designers to create there designs, focusing on creative light and beautiful living environments. Their range consists of Table and Floor lights, Pendants, Chandeliers and Wall lights. All with a balance of contemporary and traditional designs with leading edge manufacturing.

They also offer a bespoke service to allow clients to design their lighting requirements to fit perfectly within their environment, from dramatic chandeliers to delicate wall lights. Often hired by hotels and shopping malls to create dramatic, yet beautiful light installations.

Majik House have installed Illuminati’s designs into a number of client’s homes. The showroom also houses a full range of pendant lighting called ‘Terrene’. Oval shaped droplets made from champagne bubble glass supported by gold or chrome fixtures which are as striking as the glass itself.

Majik houses new chandelier has been seamlessly integrated into the in house Lutron lighting system, which means the lights come on dependant on which scene is operational and can dim at the touch of a button.

Illuminati’s showroom at Chelmsford head office offers clients the chance to browse their latest collection and discuss any bespoke commissions. However, if you find yourself in the Majik House vicinity feel free to book an appointment and come and see the beautiful examples of Illuminati’s lighting for yourself.

Find out more about Illuminati by visiting their website at