Home Cinema – Download our guide to the perfect home cinema

Once you’ve decided to invest in a home cinema, chances are you’ll want to get on with the installation and to be up and running as soon as possible. We appreciate this excitement, but we can’t stress enough the importance of good design and careful planning.

It’s no secret that a poorly planned cinema room can really spoil your expectations. So, take time to consider the size of screen, the position of audio equipment, seating arrangements and lighting considerations.


Audio SystemsDownload our guide for the perfect audio in your home

What have you been listening to lately? How many times have we been asked that simple question?

Increasingly that has meant “how” have you been enjoying your audio.

Vinyl and CD still have their place. However, more of us are embracing the endless opportunities to discover (and re-discover) music via the web and broadband connectivity.


Home AutomationDownload our guide to get the most out of your home automation

It’s understandable that for most people, home automation means home entertainment. Such as cinema and music systems, dynamic lighting and the touches of technology which enhance where we live.

For us, home automation also extends to ensuring that where we live is secure, our loved ones are always safe and our valuable possessions are protected.
Here are just a few thoughts about creating a harmonious, automated home that’s also as safe as houses.


Lighting DesignDownload our guide to lighting design and enhance your home

The fundamental element for our living spaces, lighting reflects our mood and enhances the atmosphere; it can raise our spirits and relax our senses.

Where and how we live is often dictated by natural light. However, when the sun goes down we suddenly have a blank canvas to illuminate and cast a palette of colours over.