Your World, Made Simple

Elan integration software allows one touch convenience for complete smart home control. Elan claim to transform the way you live offering to simplify tasks and work with the user to bring control to your home. The software is compatible for solo media rooms, commercial properties and whole house solutions. Elan are beginning to make a big splash world of Smart home Technology.

Elegant Design

The Elan touchpad and remote control have been wildly praised for its sleek and convenient design. As the brains of your connected home the way you control your devices needs to be simple and clear, Elan have made this happen with its award winning interface. The design is more feminine and user friendly than most other remotes on the market. The touch interface has clarity and functionality. The aim being you could pick up an Elan remote and turn on the TV, Lower the lights or play some music without help, first time, every time.


What does Elan have to offer?

  • Up to 16 zones of security, which 256 different sensors
  • 16 automated door locks
  • 32 connected TV’s
  • 24 Lighting Keypads
  • 3 thermostats
  • Heating and cooling features for swimming pools (for those of us lucky enough to have one)

Elan themselves say that the system “integrates flawlessly with the leading suppliers of lighting, climate, security and other home automation systems,” making the system an A grade choice for whole house systems.

Elan in Action

Imagine a scenario. You and the family are about to sit down to watch one of your all-time favourite films. With one touch of a button on your Elan control pad the software could…

  • Turn off all lighting apart from the low level wall lights
  • Lower all blinds to shut off external light
  • Lower the projector and screen
  • Switch to the correct output for viewing, for example Apple TV or Amazon Prime
  • Tune the temperature to a pre-approved setting
  • Lock all the doors
  • Divert all your calls
  • And even turn the Wine Cooler on

This maybe an acute Example, however the demonstration is to highlight how versatile and personal the Elan system can be.

Elan also supports a magnitude of other 3rd party devices to integrate your home easily and effectively, including Lutron, Yamaha and Pioneer. However as Elan is yet to be as well established in the market as its competitor Control 4, they are still some limitations when integrating Nest, however we can assume these are features to come. There is also now a lot of talk around Elan integrating with the Amazon Echo, which will in time give full voice control.

As with all Smart home technology the overall decision comes down to personal choice. The product has to fit in with you and your life style and enhance your home, without you even noticing it’s there.