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As we become more conscious of our footprint on this planet, we realize that making the most of daylight in our homes simply makes sense. This is where Majik House can help! Utilizing daylight reduces our need for artificial light, and saves energy. Therefore, programmable systems such as Lutron provides precision control of daylight – all at the touch of a button.

Energy Saving

Utilize your shading system to save additional energy. Personalised programming of your system can take into consideration the geographical positioning and time zone of your property. For example “winter warm” would open the shades, taking advantage of sunlight warming a southern façade. “summer cool” does the opposite by lowering shades and blocking solar heat gain. In conclusion, reducing your cooling costs.

Set the Mood

The window treatments that Majik House install are designed to look and work beautifully. Stylish control and fabric options coupled with innovative technology elegantly transition a space to create the right amount of light for any activity.

Ease of use

Managing daylight is not restricted to a single wall station in your home. Shading systems can be controlled using a myriad of keypads. In addition to remote controls, wireless table top controls, your mobile phone or set to an astronomic time clock for automatic adjustment of shades.


By setting a pre-determined scene for “Away”, simply select this button when leaving to close all shades and restrict the view inside your home. Or, ask Lutron to mimic your movements when you’re not at home. For instance, to deter any potential threats by giving the impression that someone is always home.

Reduce Glare & Protect Furnishings

Shading systems diffuse light and prevent glare from washing out a computer or television screen. Window treatments can also protect furniture, fine art, rugs, and even wood surfaces, from the sun’s damaging UV rays.

Pays to be Dim

By using shades in conjunction with dimmers, systems can create the perfect balance between two sources of light to save energy and create an inviting environment. Dimming modifies the quantity of electric lights. Which in turn are complimented by the shade fabric control that filters daylight. Together they save energy while providing the right amount of light for specific tasks or situation

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