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Lighting Design, the fundamental element for our living spaces. It reflects our mood and enhances the atmosphere; it can raise our spirits and relax our senses.

Good lighting design isn’t something that ‘just happens’. It should be given as much (if not more) attention as any other aspect of the home. Lighting can be used to enhance the architecture and compliment the interior design.

The provision for lighting, its wiring and controls should be planned as early in any development as the core structure or any key architectural features. it’s no coincidence that Majik House works closely with so many leading architects and designers. Advising on what’s achievable and helping create their vision and their clients aspirations. However, we also work with a number of wireless systems which eliminate the need for rewiring the property and re-decoration.

Some basic considerations when first planning the lighting design include where people will sit in the room. As well as what the room will be used for. What other sources of light will be present including natural light. and what will the purpose of the light be.

Ambient Lighting – Provides general illumination throughout the home. Where task lighting (such as kitchen down lights, reading lights, and vanity units) will provide more specific activities that require more light being directed in a targeted direction.

Accent Lighting – Is used to draw attention to architectural or interior features to enhance the environment.

Lighting Control – Controlling light effectively not only enhances the experience, it helps to save energy. By using light when and where it is needed most. Wall mounted controls can be programmed to recall favourite settings. Therefore, effortlessly transforming the space around you. set your own scenes, whether it be relaxing, reading, party or romance.

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