Our House is Your House

Majik House were the first Smart Home Technology Company to provide a venue that enables its client to experience the extent of how smart home technology can transform the home.

Our current Award Winning Centre takes the possibilities of smart home technology to a new level.

The space is uniquely designed providing exciting room sets with technology that is seamlessly built in. It enables you and your clients an opportunity to experience systems that make their homes a place to relax and entertain, a place to feel safe, a place where energy is efficiently managed and a place that is fully connected to the outside world. Visiting Majik House is a truly unique way to see what an investment in smart home technology can give your clients home both for now and the future.

Our showroom is open during the working week for Architects, Interior Designers and developers to bring their prospective clients. We also provide a comprehensive and friendly advisory service.

To book an appointment to come and experience the showroom for yourself, contact us at sally@majikhouse.com or call 015242 73578

Hire the House!

As well as being a fantastic venue to show clients the full potential of Smart home Technology, Majik House also offers an exclusive working environment. From networking events with a difference, engaging training sessions or just somewhere to allow yourself and your team some creative thinking space.

Majik House is a meeting venue with a “tech-spec” that can’t be beaten. Here you’ll find the latest entertainment technology at your disposal – dynamic audio, HD Tv and Cinema Screens, plus access to the World Fastest Internet ‘BA4N’.