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SAVi Store is part of one of the UK’s leading Smart home companies. They are passionate about home technology – home cinema, audio and lighting design. They possess unrivalled knowledge of the products they sell, and only use and supply items of the highest performance, quality and reliability. I sat down with SAVi’s chief online administrator Stacey Wright to find out all about the online store that is making waves in the world of Smart Home Technology.

I started by asking Stacey what makes SAVi different from other retailers in the industry, “We know what works, quality is the most important aspect of any sale made by SAVi. Customer satisfaction and building up a rapport is of paramount importance to us as a company.” Since December 2013 SAVi has been trading in all things home automation, born from a gap in the market which came to light via the stores parent company Majik House. Stacey said “more and more people were contacting Majik House wanting advice and parts in order to build their own systems, therefore the business had to diversify its offerings”. Majik House is there as a back bone for SAVi; a known and respected brand in the industry. Every product that appears on SAVi’s website would need to be tried and tested by one of the in-house engineers, only trusted and reliable products would be sold on the site.

SAVi shoppers come from a mixture of backgrounds, from electricians to building contractors to hotel and restaurant owners, or simply people venturing into the ‘Do it yourself’ market. “Customers primarily come from our advertising on Google, also social media marketing has begun to gather steam. People are beginning to come back to the site organically as the brand name continues to grow.”

There have been some challenges along the way. The market is becoming even more competitive online with the vast majority of retailers deciding to do business this way, but SAVi aren’t simply box pushers, they hold their own due to the expert level of advice they can give plus their highly thought out product range.

When I asked Stacey about any distinct highlights of working for SAVi she recalled one particular large scale job from earlier in the year. “We were contacted by an electrician working on a big property in France who wanted some advice on a home cinema. We asked for drawings of the room and specified our chosen components with a basic or premier option. The client was highly impressed with our specification and commissioned us to design and ship the cinema to France.” The SAVi team then suppled detailed instructions to set up the room and had one of Majik Houses expert programmers log in and remotely programme the cinema from their base in the Lake District. “The client was very impressed with our work and how we delivered it.”

Whether you’re interested in single-room, multi-room or whole house solutions, for private residential and commercial clients SAVi will have a solution for you. With expert advice they will provide infomation on all aspects of your project.

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