Our modern day of living is relying ever more on our ability to access online content with immediate effect. Gone are the days of dial up tones and websites taking for what felt like hours to load. Whether it be to access the latest online news, download the latest HD films or the ability to stream music. Our demand for this type of content is growing at a phenomenal speed.

Being part of a rural business in the South Lakes we have struggled for years to find an internet provider who was able to deliver fault proof hyper fast fibre broadband. Majik House specialises in smart home technology and the ability to make the ‘internet of things’ within our homes talk to one another, in order for your home to work for you. The term ‘internet of things’ was constructed to describe the growing number of devises we possess that have direct access to the internet, from your phone, to your TV, heating system, lights and even your fridge freezer. However, even with the best installation these systems cannot work to their full potential without a strong broadband connection, it is the backbone to any smart home system.

The rural communities seem to get widely overlooked when it comes to progressive technological developments. There is a sense that if you’re any further north than Manchester, you don’t really matter! We live in an area where 3G is a luxury, 4G is a mere pipe dream and the capabilities of 5G to be something out of a sci-fi film. But as many of us know, Cumbria is a hive of industry, many of which are reliant on their ability to access external information online whether it be the ability to communicate or to Buy and Sell.

British Telecoms and Members of Parliament have previously stated that rural fibre was a mere fantasy, the idea was implausible and would simply not work! However we are now finding that local initiatives are proving these individuals wrong. The area now has some of the fastest broadband in the world available through a community lead project, B4RN, with speeds of up to 1000mb. To put this into perspective BTs superfast fibre broadband can only reach speeds of up to 76mb.

Superfast broadband shouldn’t be a luxury in this day and age, only available to the privileged who live in the metropolises. This service is now a necessity, the world of technological advancements is growing by the day. The fact of the matter is that the amount of new technical information is doubling every 2 years. It is believed that a weeks’ worth of content published in the New York Times is equal to a lifetimes worth of knowledge for someone living in the 18th century. We are truly living in exponential times. To put this into perspective over half of today’s school children will have jobs that haven’t even been invented yet. We are educating our children for the jobs of today and not the jobs of tomorrow. Just imagine the possible advancements, when It took 38 years for radio to reach 50 million people, it took Angry Birds 35 days!

Technology changes everything about the way we live our lives. The way we communicate, travel, work and even eat, the advancements are available to all of us and it is all just a simple case of accessibility. None of us want to see Cumbria being left in the technological dark ages. The future is coming much faster than we think.