When the opportunity was put in front of us to join a 5 day supercar tour of the West Highlands of Scotland we grabbed it with both hands – fast cars, fabulous scenery, beautiful hotels and a host of new people to meet.

So we met our fellow car enthusiasts at McClaren Glasgow on Saturday morning for a look at some amazing cars – one of which was a customized order for a client who hadn’t seen it himself at that point. No cameras were allowed!

Then we set off on our 160 mile journey to our first destination.

What stories can I tell you? Cars travelling at a sheer pace through miles and miles of astounding countryside-so vast and beautiful. It made the Lake District look small and compact!

What cars were in the throng – 5 Lamborghinis of awesome magnitude; 5 ferraris, sleek and throaty; 3 Aston Martins  Vanquish, Vantage and Penelope Pitstops pink DB8 – this was driven by our only lady driver, Sarah, now I take my hat off to her she was an awesome driver. Tim couldn’t believe that at the speeds she was travelling she could still talk on the walkie talkie with such control and finesse. I suppose this has to be my next challenge- lessons for driving at speed!!

And more cars – Bentley soft top, TVR; Porsche 911 GTE- you can tell it is a woman reporting this as I don’t know all the detail of model numbers that would be of major interest to any man reading this report.

The parade was so breath taking that everywhere we went they heard us before we arrived and were out on the streets taking photos and video footage as we briefly flashed through their villages and towns! Is this what it feels like for celebrities!!!

What about our hotels –yes this was the part of the tour that was of  prime interest to me. The highlight was The Torridon Hotel in Wester Ross-the most sublimely decadent venue with service second to none. Pay them a visit as you will fall in love with the place-it has received a number of accolades and all justly deserved.

An additional activity was added in here-clay pigeon shooting – this was where Tim gained his first and only award of the tour for being top shot!

As for me – well lets say I had a go!

Our fellow car enthusiasts were a pleasurable mix of couples and single men all with a passion for their cars and a love of food and drink. When you spend 5 days with a group of people you never met before it amazed me how well we got to know them and actually miss the daily banter that occurs when it comes to an end. We are in contact with some and hope to meet up on future events.

We were” well behaved” on the tour, only 2 police warnings where we were all guided into a siding for a pep talk on observing the speed and driving etiquette of the highlands as a few locals had complained about the “NOISE” – sorry people but that is part of the draw of having the cars we have.

I think now I have more appreciation of why men love hitting the road with a fast car and the thrills it delivers. There was only one point when I shouted at Tim “Enough is enough” as he was gripping the steering wheel firmly as the wheels left the ground. My reply from him…………. Not one to repeat in polite company!

Thanks to  the Supercar-Driver team for a well managed and presented event. The problem now is that I see a new car looming in the distance before we join another event! Does that mean a house in France takes second place?!!!!!!!!!!!!

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