I have listened to music from my iTunes account since I was about 15, therefore it’s safe to say I am very much an apple supporter and possibly a little bit blindsided to try anything else! I know iTunes, I can use it with my eyes closed, I can play music anywhere regardless of internet connections, playlists are simple to put together and it’s the one system which houses every artist!

When I first came across Tidal I, like a lot of people were a bit sceptical. A streaming service where you have to pay £20 a month which is owned by Jay-Z and Rock Nation, just seemed to be a big money making scheme. So what changed my mind? It’s mainly down to clever marketing.

Firstly Kanye’s new album was only available ‘exclusively on Tidal’, he stated that his album would never be available for general release, was this a sign of things to come? Next came Rihanna, with her highly anticipated new album. A year overdue every Rihanna fan wanted to hear her new material, and guess where you had to go to hear it! And now everyone’s experiencing Beyoncé new visual album on Tidal, who’s going to be next on the list? So, yes the clever marketing worked and I tentatively put in my details and selected the 1 month’s free trial.

And what did I find? Well in all honesty I was genuinely surprised. It’s clean, easy to navigate, has access to HD Music Videos and has fantastic sound quality. The graphics are cutting edge, recommendations are relevant, and the pre-selected playlists seem to have some real thought behind them. Working at Majik House I always get told about the difference in sound quality, having an untrained ear, sometimes I can hear the difference and sometimes I can’t, but with Tidal the quality was undeniable.

So the negatives, of which there are some, not everyone has given in to Tidal yet, therefore there maybe artists who you can’t find within the system. Some people have reported some teething problems especially on IOS, but the major problem remains the price. To subscribe to Tidal’s premium service costs £20 a month, that’s £240 a year. Which is a hefty price tag considering its competitors (Napster and Spotify) which charge half the price.

It’s all down to what’s important to you, quality, accessibility or cost?

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To find out more about Tidal visit – http://tidal.com/gb