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The ethos of Majik House is to design smart technology systems for the home that are simple, useful and beautiful. We pride ourselves on our customer service and take the time to learn about our clients lives and how Smart Home Technology benefit both you and your home.

In this article we answer some of the more common questions raised by potential customers to help you decide whether adopting technology into your home is right for you.


What is a Smart home?

The term Smart Home Technology refers to a property that has integrated systems than can be controlled effortlessly by the home owner. From bespoke Lighting Systems and automated blinds, to bespoke Cinema Systems, or giving you peace of mind with Home Security.

All the systems we implement can communicate with each other effectively. For example, when you come home after a long day’s work you can simply press a button and the hallway lights illuminate, the blinds come down, your TV appears from behind the wall and the heating adjusts to your favorite temperature.

And all you need to do is simply put your feet up and relax.


Can Smart home technology improve the value of your home?

Absolutely! Technology can dramatically enhance a home’s appeal at the point of sale, giving you a bespoke edge that perspective buyers can personalize to suit their needs at point of sale.

With screens that appear from the ceiling and the ability to control the heating from your phone, they all add a sense of Luxury and Majik.

However, we do believe that adding technology to your home should not be implemented simply to increase its value. It should be used to enhance, support and bring a sense of theater to you and your family’s lives.

Will there be wires?

This is the question we get asked at the start of every project, and the simple answer is no. we know that having wires on show can take away from the aesthetics of your home, therefore we work tirelessly to ensure the technology is discreet and in keeping with your home.

We don’t want the systems to dominate, therefore we have TV’s that turn into mirrors or appear from behind paintings, speakers’ that are plastered into the walls or hidden subwoofers behind kitchen plinths, the possibilities are endless.

However there is nothing wrong with being a little bit flash every now and again! If you fancy having a TV in the shower, or colour changing lights in the kitchen, we will be happy to help.


Will it be disruptive?

As with any home improvement it is essential to get the right people in at the right time. We work closely with all our clients to insure our installation work fits in with your schedule. We also work carefully with other trades to ensure we are on site at the correct times and with the right people. Dependent on the stage of your renovation depends on how much disruption will be caused. If your home needs hard wiring we will need to be on site as early as possible to ensure all wiring is in place. For the vast majority of properties that aren’t undergoing major renovations there are wireless products that can be installed. Such as smart lighting systems and AV products with internal networks that cause very limited disruption to your home and your lives.

What it can do for you:

The purpose of installing Smart home Technology is to improve the way in which you communicate with your home, all with ease of use. Clients who are new adopters to the technology are often concerned that they will be made to feel ‘stupid’ when trying to operate the system. At Majik House we spend time learning about how our clients live their lives and programme the systems best to suit you. There are many ways of operating your home, from apps on your phone, tablet, dedicated wall mounted touch screen or remote controls, you decide which feels most comfortable. We make your home do what you want it to do. Nothing will be added to the system to over complicate its structure. Plus, your dedicated project manager who oversees your entire project will be on hand to thoroughly explain how each element is controlled, and they are always on the end of the phone!


Future proof for you and your family:

Our modern day of living is relying ever more on our ability to access online content with immediate effect. Gone are the days of dial up tones and websites taking for what felt like hours to load. Whether it be to access the latest online news, download the latest HD films or the ability to stream music. Our demand for this type of content is growing at a phenomenal speed. Therefore it is becoming ever more important to future proof your home and make it adaptable for the ever growing world of ‘The Internet of Things’. Today your fridge freezer can talk to your oven, who can talk to your phone, who can order you’re shopping through Alexa. The possibilities are only going to grow, and we all need to ask ourselves, is my home ready?

Majik House is the proverbial sweet shop when it comes to technology! Tempting you and exciting you to indulge in systems that will bring you enormous family joy, interior beauty and the ability to make you feel safe in your own home.

Is Smart home technology right for you? To find out more book an appointment to see our award winning Smart Technology Showroom on the edge of the Lake District in Kirkby Lonsdale.


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