What has network reliability got to do with smart home technology? The simple answer is “everything!”

As the internet is increasingly becoming the preferred choice for many people to access media – streaming music, downloading movies etc – it stands to reason that having a fast and dependable service from your broadband provider will result in a better experience all round. Having a reliable network working as the backbone for all your smart home devices creates an easy stream of communication between systems which results in a more efficient home.

Here we give you a list of considerations before signing up for your broadband and associated network equipment.

For basic internet browsing (looking at newspaper websites, searching for your next holiday, a spot of online shopping etc.) then a speed of 2mbps download and 0.5mbps upload is just fine.

But if you’re looking for reliable streaming of music, sending and receiving pictures, or even some standard definition video like Youtube then 5mbps download/0.5mbps upload is more like what is required.

HD Video, BBC iPlayer / ITV Player etc. to be really enjoyable without “buffering” so, ideally, 20mbps/2mbps is what we’d consider to be ideal. Essentially, the faster the better!

Given these points above, what can be done with a reliable and reasonably fast broadband service?

At the same time, we can be:

  •  Streaming music in up to 15 “zones” simultaneously, all with different songs from an internet music streaming supplier
  •  Browsing and using the web on up to 6 PCs
  •  Downloading a feature-length HD movie

So, you can see that the incoming broadband is a significant part of the way we use our home entertainment systems and how well they perform. Along with networking from the outside world, we must also consider the internal network within the home.

Once the right broadband has been chosen, supplied and installed by the provider we must ensure that there are as few variables within the home as possible as we cannot change those of the incoming service!

To this end, we design and specify all of the internal network equipment, routers, switches, wireless adaptors, filters and all other associated equipment to provide a seamless and as reliable internal system as possible. If you’re thinking of investing in smart home technology and want to get the very best from your equipment, then we can talk you through what service levels you need to expect from your broadband.

For reliable and useful checking of speeds on your home computer, tablet or phone use www.speedtest.net – there are apps for this on the mobile devices.

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