Lighting is the fundamental element for all our living spaces – it can reflect our mood and enhances the atmosphere; it can raise our spirits and relax our senses.

For instance, where we live and how we live is often dictated by natural light. However, when the sun goes down, we suddenly have a blank canvas to illuminate and cast a palette of colours across.

The options available for lighting is a lifetime removed from the humble light bulb and dimmer switch and are one of the primary areas of focus we look at when embarking on smart home and automation projects.

Good lighting design isn’t something which just happens and should be given as much – or more – attention as any other aspect of your home.

Some initial considerations when planning the lighting design include where people will sit in the room, what the room is used for, what other sources of light will be present, and what is the purpose of the lighting?

Ambient lighting provides general illumination throughout the home and are typically ceiling and wall mounted, but don’t be fooled into thinking that ambient lighting can’t be aesthetically pleasing as well – the scope of incredible lighting solutions at our disposal can really elevate any room.

Task lighting such as kitchen downlights, reading lights, bathroom mirrors and vanity units will provide for more specific activities that require more light being directed in a targeted direction.

Accent lighting is used to draw attention to architectural or room features to enhance the environment, and it’s where you can have fun and really get creative. These could be ‘reveal’ lights that cast across the treads of your staircase or colour-changing LEDs sat in a hidden ceiling recess.

Intelligent lighting control gives you the ability to regulate the level and quality of light in a given space for specific tasks or situations: whether you’re working, relaxing or entertaining friends, whether it’s morning, noon or night, it’s your home and intelligent lighting is there to allow you to illuminate your home exactly the way you want.

Controlling light – whether it be a single room or across your whole house – not only enhances your living spaces, but it also helps to save energy by using natural light when and where it is needed most.

It goes without saying, LEDs are utilised to their full potential with these versatile, highly energy efficient and long-lasting lights being capable of keeping their cool and coping with whatever you desire.

Advanced wall-mounted light controls can be programmed and personalised to recall your favourite settings, effortlessly transforming the light that surrounds you with pre-determined ‘scenes’ created just for you. And should you wish for something fresh, making a change is all in the palm of your hand.

Automated window blinds have also seen incredible advances in the past decade and Majik House work with best-in-class products from Lutron including roller blinds, Venetian blinds and Roman blinds. Our team will advise on the right solution for your home, measure and install to ensure that everything works from the very first time, and every time in the future.

Majik House’s primary choice of products is from world-leading names in lighting control – specifically Lutron, Control4, Rako and amBX – all of whom have developed their own dedicated software which also allows your home lighting to be managed by a simple app on your iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Cinema Room Lighting

Advanced intelligent lighting can help create the classic cinema effect and the type of lighting will also depend on your choice of screen – contrary to belief, a completely dark room isn’t necessarily the best for viewing a screen and cinema rooms will benefit from having some degree of ambient room lighting.

The lights can also play their part in the movie, with an intelligent and interactive system (such as amBX) which engages with what’s happening on-screen and envelopes you in the action.

Outdoor Lighting

When we talk about ‘whole house lighting solutions’, we mean exactly that, including the outside. More than just for the sake of vanity, more of us are choosing to spend more time outdoors with our gardens becoming a genuine extension of our living spaces. This naturally means that you can afford your veranda, deck, patio or folly the same consideration and stunning approach to lighting as the rest of your home.



If you’d like to find out more about the lighting design, smart lighting control and installation services from Majik House, then please just get in touch. You can call us on 015242 73578 to discuss your lighting project, or alternatively you can Contact Us here for more information.

The design team at Majik House will work with you to arrive at a bespoke intelligent lighting design and control system, one which will enhance and dramatically add new dimensions to your home.



Our helpful Lighting Guide has been created to help answer some of your questions about lighting systems, blinds and lighting design. You can also find out more about our in-house lighting design service here and discover more about how selecting the right window treatments can transform your home here.


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