Cloud Management System for Smarter Network Management.

What is BakPak?

Giving you complete peace of mind.

For Majik House clients who choose to Install / upgrade their smart home systems to BakPak they will benefit from our Active Monitoring and Rapid Response Service.

This means installing a system which is remotely monitored on a daily basis by a Majik House trained specialist. System errors / problems are then effectively managed and rectified where possible online without the client being aware there is a problem. If a detected issue requires a site visit the client will receive a call from a member of our team alerting you to the issue. Subsequently a visit will be arranged if necessary. Each week the client will receive an email indicating what errors, if any, your system has encountered and have been rectified during that week.


 Monitor – Network devices across VLANS including

those connected to Control4 and Crestron Controllers,

are continuously for proper operation and uptime.



 Alert – Device faults are detected, analyzed and interpreted

by the onboard Artificial Intelligence engine. Technicians

are automatically notified through email, SMS or the

BakPak app.


 Assign – Permissions are manually set in advance or in real time,

to designate and authorize technician, and be limited to specific

networks, devices and ports.



 Repair – Automated diagnostics and self-healing algorithms

attempt to self-restore device and network operation. Advanced

diagnostic tools, including Triplex, Facilitate any manual



 Manage – A single dashboard provides secure access to specific

device portals for advanced device configuration and management.

Network management activities, including firmware and

configuration restores is performed through BakPak dashboard.


 Report – View current and historical systems logs, uni history

and status of devices and network. Define, schedule and send

reports to users.




Majik House strives to install the best quality and reliable systems to all our clients. However, as with all aspects of technology errors can occur that are out of our control. This system allows us to rectify any issue quickly, effectively and professionally.

If you wish to know more about BakPak please feel free to contact Majik House and one of our Project Manager will be happy to discuss the options with you

Note: Systems which do not currently support BakPak can be upgraded. Please ask your project manager for details.