Client Service

At Majik House Client Service is key,

But what exactly does that mean?

In an industry that has been growing since we first opened back in 1998, we have strived to set ourselves apart from the competition by delivering an exceptional l standard of service to our loyal clientele.

With 20 years in business we have the knowledge and expertise to look after you and your home for as long as you need us.

From the first point of contact we aim to set a standard to what you can expect from us throughout your journey

Website Response – If you choose to contact us via our website we aim to be back in touch within 2 hours.

Phone Enquiries – As an in house rule, we work on answering your call within 3 rings, we know your time in precious & we appreciate your call.

Dropping In  –  We encourage meetings with project managers to be arranged by appointment, this is so we can make sure you are seen by the right person. However, the showroom is always open for prospective clients to come in for a chat & coffee.

The Environment – We know how important first impressions can be, therefore our aim is to provide a relaxed friendly environment for you to discuss your ideas & tell us about the way you live your lives.

The information we provide allows you to take some time to think over your decisions. We have over 100 years combined experience in the industry & what to share it with you

Brochures & Guides– We strive for the highest standards in all the materials we create. We produce 4 guides for prospective clients, these are to help you ask questions about your project that you may not have thought about.

Check list – At this early stage you may have other companies you are talking to about smart technology, we feel it is great to gain comparisons. To help with this we give you an industry checklist to make sure you are asking the right questions.

Business Cards – from the very beginning of our journey with you will be given your dedicated project manager & all their contact information.

This is where we get to understand you & your project

Consultation – We dedicate time to understanding the way you will live in & use your home so we can better design the systems you want.

Quotes & Revisions – We never set a limit to how many revisions we will give, our main priority is for you to be happy with the work we are providing. The quotes we produce are clear, honest and reliable.

Onsite & Offsite  -As a valued client we encourage you to use our showroom for meetings with your other appointed contractors. Our “home” is your home during the project development.

It’s your home & we want to keep it that way, our Installers are always respectful of your property & take immense pride in their work

Installer briefing – Your project manager will be on site for the first day of your project, they will oversee the briefing of all the installers working at your home.

Record progress – Our installers are asked to report a daily log of the progress on your home, this is to help keep the project running smoothly as possible.

Tidiness – It is of upmost importance that we leave your home as tidy as it was when we arrived, we will also ensure that all waste is removed and is recycled when possible. All Majik House team members will be dressed appropriately in branded uniform. Our team are always polite, they will seek permission for use of any of your facilities & will always take their shoes off. We treat your home with the respect it deserves.

Arrival & Departure times – You will be given a time of arrival and will be informed of how long our installers will be on site. If we are ever delayed for any reason we will make sure to be in touch.

Communication with Contractors – If your project has a number of trades on site, we will make sure we communicate with them effectively. We are always on your side and will work towards your whole project running as smoothly as possible.

Training is an essential part of the journey, for both staff & client

Full training will be provided on completion of the project. We want you to feel comfortable & confident in using your system to its full potential. We will also provide you with an engineer’s personal phone number for you to call if you require any advice.

This is your opportunity to tell us how we did

By appointment to suit, you will meet with an independent member of the team. We hope this will provide an environment to be open & honest about your experience. We are constantly striving to improve in every aspect of our work & your feedback is invaluable to us.

Once your project is complete we may ask your permission to take images of your home. We treat every photoshoot with complete anonymity and never reveal its location.

We’re with you all the way

Once your project is complete we will stay by your side to ensure your home works flawlessly for years to come. We place a 12 month warranty on all products installed by Majik house, plus we offer a free 12 month support plan to all clients to oversee any initial problems. Hopefully you will never need us, but we will always be there if you do.

Benefits of being a Majik House client

Newsletter – We are experts in our field & enjoy sharing updates with you. From expert reviews to design ideas we hope we can play an informative role in keeping you up to date in the world of smart home technology.

Events – As a member of the Majik House clientele you will be given exclusive access to a number of events, from product launches to driving days, we have a full calendar of events for you to enjoy.

Boardroom – The Majik House showroom hosts boardroom facilities, as a valued client we offer you this service free of charge to use for business purposes.


We have a never ending desire to improve the service we deliver to our clients, we always strive to deliver the best care our industry has to offer. Our goal is to deliver complete piece of mind from beginning to end.

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