External Lighting Design

Bring your home to life when the sun goes down

With more and more homes extending their “living” space into the outside area, a seamless flow of light is necessary to make it feel like one extended home. This needs the aesthetics, functionality and control to be in the lighting design.

Precise Design

External lighting design isn’t just beautiful, it needs to be precise and fulfil its desired purpose. Aesthetically speaking the design needs to illuminate specific elements of the exterior architecture, focusing on unique elements of the building and garden. This process lends itself to painting with light, we can adapt the blank canvas of the night and select which elements to highlight, and which to leave in the dark. This enables us to create a very different picture to what is seen during the day.

In a practical sense the design needs to aid in bringing light to key areas used during the night time hours. This could be driveways, walkways, gates or doorways, essential outdoor areas where practical lighting is key. All these areas can also be controlled by you from the touch of a button.


You’re in Control


External lighting can be controlled as effortlessly and accurately as your internal lighting scenes.

Controlling light effectively not only enhances the experience of your outdoor space, it helps to save energy. By using light when and where it is needed most. These controls can be programmed and personalised to recall favourite settings. and effortlessly transform the space around you. Set your own scenes, whether it be for a party, BBQ or simply relaxing next to the fire with a glass of wine. All these variables can be programmed to come on as the sun goes down.

Lighting for all seasons and all occasions


As the seasons change, the external design of your lights has to compliment all possible variables. The lighting needs to work aesthetically on those long summer nights, through to those cold winter evenings.

As we now use our outdoor spaces more frequently throughout the year, different areas may require a different lighting style. Ambient or background lighting for chatting round the fire after dark, Task lighting for cooking or drink preparation, and Accent lighting to highlight specialties such as water features.

Less is more

The secret to beautiful lighting design is to keep it discreet, the aim is to create a mood and enhance the atmosphere. When you focus the light on fewer carefully selected elements, the impact can be much greater. The beauty of playing with light in the dark is that you can select which areas come in to view and what doesn’t. Sometimes one well-placed wall light can work better than a dozen.

The combination of carefully chosen spotlights with some subtle understated landscape lighting brings a garden to life. Feel free to show off the space, but make it look natural.

Be Unique

At Majik House we have been lucky enough to be part of some very unique projects. We love a challenge and the chance to test and develop our knowledge. Every project we undertake is different and requires a fresh approach to design.

Previous projects have seen us lighting helipads that have been controlled on approach. We have individually lit 75 marble status on one estate, all programmed onto preselected scenes by the owner.


Our expertise lighting designs have also made it onto Grand Designs!


There is no request too big or too extravagant. Your home needs to reflect you and the way you live your life. Whether your preference is warm or cool light, discreet design or making a statement, we will be there to guide and advice.

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