There are plenty of advantages to having a home cinema in your home. Nobody tuts and shouts “sit down” if you arrive late. You can rustle sweet papers as loudly as you want. The back row is always available, should you be on a date! But best of all you can watch your favourite films over and over again and even replay those scenes over and over again, without having to watch the whole film all the way throughHome cinemas have become a national obsession and not just for the excessively wealthy.

Having friends round to watch a video is clearly passé when you can usher guests into an en suite cinema after dinner.

At Majik House we work towards your cinema being completely immersive. The signature of a great cinema is that the boundary between reality and fiction merges because the cinema draws you in so completely. Because the system is so exact in its build you are not distracted by any defects of sound or picture.

But to get to that point you have to plan a number of factors and if you are

considering a cinema have you thought about the following?

Room for Everyone

How will you be using your room? Is it to be a dedicated cinema room or a multi purpose living room used for general entertaining? How many people will be using the room at any one time?

The Complete System

Is it to be projector, screen, 5.1 v 7.1 surround sound A/V receiver with adequate HDMI input/outputs, Blu-Ray, Internet switch or hub, amplifiers, power conditioners, 4k and Dolby Atmos?

Why would you choose 4k? 4K has 4000 lines to make up the picture. Currently with HD we look and watch 1080 lines, so about 4 times the detail, at least, of HD. Picture perfect!

Sound Logic

A sound system, which is truly integral to your home cinema, is something, which should never be an afterthought. Where you sit, along with the size and shape of your room will influence the choice of speakers.

The latest advancement in sound is Dolby Atmos, which is the first technology to craft a 3D space with sound, using a revolutionary audio system to accurately place objects with pinpoint accuracy. Basing the system on “audio objects” rather than traditional channels means that sounds can be placed where they would naturally occur in a space, allowing them to move independently to create a breath-taking natural sounding cinema experience.

The Lights? Fantastic!

Lighting designed to suit the décor will help create the classic cinema effect, all integrated and simply controlled to suit the use of the room. The lights can also play their part in the movie, with an intelligent and interactive system, which engages with what’s happening on screen and envelopes you in the action.

Source Equipment

From relatively simple DVD and Blu-ray to digital media, on demand systems, Amazon Fire TV, or Apple TV and hard disk storage for all your media; there are a multitude of options to from which to choose.


Broadly speaking, projectors fall into 2 categories: DLP AND LCD. Both provide a great viewing experience and both have their own advantages. And now the latest laser light source projectors mean there’s no lamp to replace!

What about Wireless systems?

For the time being cabling cinema systems will continue to be the way forward. Why?

There is still the issue of reliability to resolve when it comes to wireless signal distribution. Although cabling is not completely immune wireless systems are often subject to interference from third party devices and even coverage blind spots which will not allow wireless signals to come through the walls, floors and ceilings.

There is much more to consider but these points should give you the gist of what needs to be considered.


Is it possible for us to link the purchase of a Home Cinema to the purchase of a performance car? Well I think I there is  – if an excuse or reason was ever required!

A really good horror film is like a roller coaster ride-it gets your heart thumping, your blood pressure pumping, and your breath huffing like a marathon runner. But what you may not realize is that this state of physiological arousal sticks with you well after the film is over. It’s called “the excitation transfer process” Glenn Sparks, PHD. explains that being in this amped-up state after enjoying a good fright causes any emotions you experience to be intensified – so imagine watching Freddie Kruger on the big screen and then getting behind the wheel of a 500+ bhp fire breathing monster ………….!

If someone out there amongst our supercar drivers would like to test the theory I would have a vested interest in hearing the results!

Tim (Majik House) doesn’t count in this exercise!

We look forward to welcoming you to our very special Experience Centre!