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It’s understandable for most people; smart home technology means cinema and music systems, dynamic lighting and the touches of technology, which enhances where we live.

For us, smart home technology also extends to providing a reliable and secure network. Plus ensuring that where we live is secure, our loved ones are always safe and our valuable possessions are protected.

Smart technology and integration of systems means making sure all the elements work together in harmony; they complement each other and deliver entertainment, enjoyment, convenience and security in equal measures.

Think of home security as though you are putting on layers of clothing to protect your body from harsh weather. Protecting your home from burglary is all about layers. This is because burglars determine their targets through risk v reward scenarios. The more security measures you put in place to increase the risk and lessen the reward for would be intruders. The less likely your home will be viewed as an easy target.

We look at it from a burglar’s perspective, so we start outside the home. Look at your home “would you want to break in?”

Security professionals say the 2 biggest deterrents to burglary are: light and sound.

A smart system can:

  • Set lights to go on, off, flash in many circumstances
  • Every lock can be set to check itself
  • TV and music to go on and off automatically at different times of the day or on demand-just as if you were at home
  • Panic buttons programmed for the bedroom in the event that you hear someone in the house – when pressed these can flash lights, call the police, put music on very loud and even lock the burglar in by closing down all shutters and doors
  • We can programme your lighting system to play the last 2 weeks of lighting scenes you have pressed when you are away from the house to look like someone is living in the house


There have been many different scenarios clients have requested that their system be programmed to deliver in the event of a break in. To date we have always been able to deliver on these not so usual system set ups.


Not at Home?

Cameras and intercom devices connected to screens enable you to see what is happening in and around your property. When you are there and also when you are away.

We embrace the use of mobile devices and appreciate their use beyond communication and entertainment. We see the advantages in utilizing them to manage your home remotely.


  • A touch screen with intercom makes it easy to check on the whole family and broadcast messages throughout the house in a flash
  • When cameras are connected, you can identify who is at the front door from virtually every screen in the house, before you get up to open it.


Designing Your Security System

Your biggest thing to think about is, what are you concerned about the most, and what do you value the most?” If you can answer those 2 questions, that’s going to drive how you want your smart technology company to architect your system.


  • Do you have children you want to keep an eye on whose rooms you want to guard?
  • Perhaps you have performance cars you want to protect?
  • Do you have guns or a gunroom that requires protection?
  • Do you have a room containing rare and expensive pieces of art?
  • Is the house regularly left with no occupiers


Why do we offer security options such as these to our clients?

We spend time investigating what reliable reports tell us about burglaries that have occurred. and what can we devise for a client to give them a sense of security in their home. Below is a recent extract from an article that makes interesting reading on how a burglar configures his ‘event”

Inside a Burglars Mind

(BBC Future ‘The Strange Expertise of Burglars”)

Burglars have a complex cognitive toolbox of advanced, automatic skills much like a chess player. Top performers claim to enter a similar flow like state in which most of the crucial decisions rumble away below awareness.

Burglars rely on psychological schemes. They are bunches of recipes of how to do things and as you get more expert they get more dense and interrelated. So you can pluck a solution instantaneously out of your memory, just by seeing a clue. Burglars have an encyclopedic understanding of house layouts and the likely locations of most of the valuable objects. As well as planned routes for the getaway.


What was learnt from this study to fight potential burglaries?

  • Burglar alarms no longer act as much of a deterrent. On hearing an alarm most neighbours fail to call the police for 20 minutes so they are no great threat. In fact, they are so used to it burglars factor in the ringing into their mental schemes and can continue without paying attention to the sound.
  • MAJIK SOLUTION – we devise things that a burglar would not expect breaking them out of the automatic below conscious processing. Something like music being triggered to play at a loud volume or the sound of a dog barking. It has been shown that this causes a burglar to abandon the crime.
  • House lay out – consider laying out your house in a distinct way –anything that confuses their automatic mental maps
  • Almost all burglars will do anything to avoid face-to-face encounter. So if you are leaving the house you might call through the front door to give the impression your family are still inside. Or the Majik House way would be to have the lighting/TV scenes continue to be playing as if you were in the house.

The underlying purpose of smart home technology should always be to make a property more enjoyable to live in and live with.

We don’t expect you to know the technical aspects of an installation. But we do know you expect us to deliver a system, which is reliable, intuitive, easy to use and meets and exceeds your expectations.


We have been doing this since 1998 and still we continue to learn.

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