Internet Of Things

Explore the IOTs available to view at the Majik House Showroom

What does the term Internet of Things mean? The internet of things relates to any devise within your home which has an internet connection. This can range from you smart phone to your refrigerator and your baby monitors to headphones.

We take you for a tour around the Majik House experience centre to showcase what IOT devices have made it into the showroom!


  • Eufy – Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Key Features-

The Automated House-Cleaning Robot. A smart yet simple solution to make life easier and your home cleaner.

  • Customisable program settings
  • 100 minutes clean time
  • Drop down sensor for stairs
  • 3 point cleaning system
  • Anti Scratch

Pros –Eufy is one of the cheaper Robot vacuums on the market, being £590 cheaper than the leading Dyson Product. Being only 3 inches high the vacuum can get under coffee tables, chairs and most sofas. The compact dust compartment does not require frequent emptying and suction is so quiet you will barely notice it’s there.

Cons – Long Carpets have proven to be Eufy’s Kryptonite, and sometimes his bravery gets the best of him when he tries to clamber on low lying objects and finds himself in a sticky situation.

Price – £209.99 from EBay


  • I Kettle 2.0

Key Features –

A new way to start your day, Remote brew from anywhere.

  • Water Level Checker
  • App Controlled
  • Scheduled brewing times
  • Default temperature

Pros – With the newly re-designed device, Smarter (the makers of I Kettle) claim that you can save two days a year that would have otherwise been spent waiting for the kettle to boil. The premise of the product is to schedule in your brew time to cut down on waiting times and always making sure you have a piping hot cuppa.

Cons – Unfortunately there are a number of negative reviews on line from customer’s who’s kettles keep disconnecting from the app which solely controls the device. Without the app service, you’ve just got yourself a very expensive kettle.

Price – £99.99 from Maplin Electronics


  • Amazon Echo – Alexa and Amazon Dot

Key Features –

Allowing hands free control to a wide range of voice activated services, Just Ask!

  • Voice Recognition Software
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Over 300 Skills (applications)
  • Mains Powered
  • 2.5 inch Woofer

Pros – The Amazon Echo is a far cry from perfection, however, the potential of this product is huge. When integrated to other smart home devices throughout your home Alexa can turn on your TV, Turn down your lights and even close your curtains. The technology is developing fast and is certainly going to impact greatly on the way we live our lives in the future.

Cons – Amazon is now facing stiff competition from Google and Apple, with products which in some respects are surpassing the Echo.

Alexa is always listening, which can sometimes prove problematic especially when the account is linked to your amazon account. Don’t be surprised to find parcels turning up on your doorstep that you haven’t ordered. The voice recognition software still has a way to go.

Price – £149.99 from Amazon


  • Sonos Play 1 Wireless – Smart Speaker

Key Features-

The mini home speaker with mighty sound.

  • Wi-Fi streaming for a more reliable connection
  • Wall / Stand mountable
  • App Controlled
  • Over 30 streaming services to choose from

Pros – Despite its size the play 1 delivers a big sound. The elegant design can fit in amongst the most elaborate of decors and fill a room with music. The user interface is very simple to use and gives access to the world’s biggest library of music.

Cons – In January of this year Sonos increased their prices in the UK by 20%, which was blamed on the poor exchange rate following Brexit.

Price – £185.00 from John Lewis


  • Nest Thermostat

Key Features-

The brighter way to save energy, with the 3rd-gen Learning Thermostat

  • Self-Programming
  • Simple App Control on all devices
  • Range of colours
  • Auto-away to save energy when you’rere not home

Pros –The easy to use app allows you to see up to date readings so you can see just how much money you are saving. Plus the Eco setting displays a leaf on the screen when the room is at an optimum energy saving temperature. The design is also sleek and discreet, fitting in with the vast majority of interiors.

Cons – The thermostat isn’t the easiest bit of kit to install, it will take some basic knowledge and some patients. Also, there are cheaper alternatives on the market that may not have all the bells and whistles but do the basics just as well.


Price – £219.00 from Nest


  • Apple Smartwatch

Key Features-

The iPhone-tailored smartwatch that apple states has ‘endless possibilities’

  • Splash Resistant OLED Retina Display
  • Wifi and Bluetooth
  • 18hours battery life

Pros – The device houses most functions that are available on the iPhone, such as Siri and notification updates. However, the watch also has the popular fitness tracking capabilities, sending friendly reminders to ‘stand up’ at certain points in the day with the goal of helping you achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Cons – The apple watch can virtually do everything that your phone can do just on a smaller scale, which is very impressive. However, this begs the question of necessity, while 700 million of us currently use an IPhone, do we really need one strapped to our wrist as well?

Price – £269.00 from Apple


  • Smart Doorbell   

Key Features-

See, hear and speak to anyone at your door from your smartphone, tablet or PC.

  • Works on any home and connects to existing doorbell
  • HD live view video and Wi-Fi connection.
  • Night vision plus motion detection for heightened security.
  • Works with IOS, Android and Windows 10

Pros – The device is building a reputation for being highly reliable, which is a key component when purchasing any smart home product. The setup is straightforward, plus the app is very easy to use.

Cons – Unfortunately there have been reports of theft and the device being ‘easy to steal’. It also only includes 1 months cloud storage.

Price – £159 from Ring Video Doorbell