Majik House – Eco Statement

At Majik House we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. Below are some examples of areas we are making a conscious effort to help protect the environment.

Recycling Electrical Goods

Wherever possible, electric goods that no longer work or are being upgraded or recycled through a number of different avenues. The majority of electrical items are taken to council recycling centres to be processed. Items that still function are passed on to others through second hand selling websites. We are also participating in donating laptops and tablets that are no longer required to school children learning from home.
We aim to recycle up to 80% of all our electronic goods.

Reusable PPE

During the current COVID-19 pandemic we have used reusable PPE wherever possible. All our engineers have reusable branded face masks that they wear on construction site and in people’s homes. We encourage consistent hand-washing and sanitisers for hand hygiene, rather than using disposable gloves.


Car Share – all our engineers have their own works vehicles. However, when they are travelling to the same job, or jobs in the vicinity they will car share wherever possible. This is also true of the office staff.

More administrative work is being carried out from home as a result of COVID 19. The benefits we have derived from this mean it will continue into the future = less vehicles on the road.

Going Electric – we have invested in an electric car to join our fleet of vehicles. Hopefully, this will be the first of many.

Low Energy Lighting

At Majik House we have designed and manufactured our very own range of light fittings. These have been designed with energy efficiency as a top priority. Due to their low energy usage, we use our light fittings in as many projects as possible. We are constantly looking to expand our line of lighting products and actively promote these lights to trades in the area.

Harnessing The Power of The Sun

Solar panels are not new. However, now more efficient versions coupled to intelligent investors and batteries enable us to use all the electricity generated internally, vastly reducing loading on the national grid and saving costs continually for the next 25 years!

This is happening for Majik House right now and our equipment is being fitted as we write.

Our new offices are now powered with air source heat pumps, removing all fossil fuels and enabling us to take advantage of solar power and smart system management to maximise efficiency

Our corporate responsibility is an ongoing topic. We are always looking for new innovative ways in which we can become more eco friendly and give back to our local community.

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