Majik House raises over £6000 for charity to celebrate 20 year Milestone.

Majik House, based in Kirkby Lonsdale are one of the longest running smart home technology companies in the UK. Set up in 1998 by founder Tim Burrow, Majik House has grown from the attic of their former home to an award winning Experience Centre. To commemorate this monumental milestone, the team at Majik House decided to celebrate by giving something back to the local community. Who have supported them for the past 2 decades with a charity auction. Marketing Manager Sally Proctor said “the team were all really passionate about coming together to do something unique for charity. something only Majik House could do!”

The idea was simple! Majik house would call upon their suppliers and years of industry knowledge to pull together a start-of-the-art cinema and auction it off to the highest bidder. With the full amount raised going to charity. The cinema that was up for grabs had product from the following retailers.

  • Rako
  • Control4
  • Velodyne
  • Yamaha

Who are all leaders in their respective fields. The components would then all be fitted, programmed and designed by Majik House. “We wanted to deliver a cinema to be proud of and represented the Majik House brand” said sally.

The cinema was sold to a private bidder to the value of £6,625

The Foundation helped to select which charities the money should be divided between. The chosen recipients were King’s Food Bank Kendal & CADAS.

Many of our team members live in and around the Kendal area. They were shocked at the level of demand for the local food bank. Partly due to the changes in Universal credit. King’s Food bank have seen an increase in referrals this year compared to last year of 16%. With the number of meals provided increasing from just under 14,000 last year to 17,000 so far this year. As a general trend where Universal Credit has already been rolled out, food banks around the country have seen a huge rise in demand.

Majik House also chose to support CADAS, a drug and alcohol recovery and prevention charity. CADAS has 4 centres around Cumbria with a base in Kendal in partnership with Manna House. Each centre provides adult recovery and family support services as well as some services that are unique to particular Centres. Substance abuse in Barrow-in-Furness alone has claimed the lives of 14 people this year. Making the death rate far higher than that of many cities in the UK.

CADAS are doing incredible work to support individuals seeking help for their addition struggles. The money raised by Majik House in the charity auction will go towards helping support their new centre in Kendal.

To find out more about the great work being done by King’s Food Bank, CADAS and other local Charities, contact the Cumbria Community Foundation. 

You can also read more about Majik House’s Home Cinemas by clicking here

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