We had worked with this client for many years on their previous home in the Lake District. The client had been able to build up a trusting relationship with the whole team which was Project Managed by Jit Mistry. Majik House were the first and only choice to add technology to their new property. The brief from the client was that the systems to be installed should be simple to use. As the client has a young family it was important that everyone in the home could operate the system.

The property had an existing lighting structure that was reconfigured to work with Lutron Home Works to create ease of use. Sonos was used for the audio distribution as the client had previous experience with the system & felt comfortable using the interface. Music was distributed throughout the property & Monitor Audio speakers were installed in the garden. During the project the existing wiring was used & added to where necessary. This enabled us to complete the install with minimal disruption. The homeowners relayed to us that it was of high importance that there would be no wiring on show. The property was previously controlled via Opus AV. Majik House, with the clients backing, installed a Control4 system to integrate & control the property. Control4 was our system of choice due to its reliability & functionality.

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