Smart home trends for the coming decade

The past 10 years in home tech gave us many advancements.

From Streaming services, voice control assistance, huge advances in multi-room audio and 4K pictures in our homes. Here’s a look at some of the smart home trends that could be taking the world by storm over the coming decade.

Robots in the home – the further introduction of AI

Alexa might be getting some serious competition in the next decade. As we are now comfortable having miniature AI’s sat in our living spaces. Tech companies are pushing the technology a stage further. From cooking and cleaning to providing companionship. All manner of uses are being explored for ‘Home-Bots’.

Domestic robots promise a future where day-to-day tasks can be carried out by machines. Freeing us to spend our valuable time on things other than housework and routine maintenance. For the elderly and disabled, they will also act as a reassuring pair of extra eyes and to assist with mobility around the home. We probably won’t see robotic butlers in our homes for some time. During the next decade autonomous robots will undoubtedly become more common, useful, and cheaper. As voice recognition also gets smarter, it’s natural to assume you’ll soon be able to give more complex instructions and offload more tasks to your faithful virtual helper.

When Robots will be common place in our homes (as simulated in many Hollywood films) is still to be seen. If indeed ever! Will home bots become the hoverboard of its generation. A seemingly popular, reachable advancement in technology, but will the general public take it on board?

In-home healthcare

Smart home healthcare offers the potential to reduce some of the stress put on the NHS – such as local GP’s and A&E doctors. By providing a first point of contact for those with health care needs. A facility which is under an ever more increasing demand due to our ageing population.

Advances in AI technology will be able to calculate and give medical diagnosis from calculating the patient’s symptoms. Then suggest the best next step, such as when to seek medical advice or possible treatments. For the elderly, technology that can alert a carer or medical team when an accident has occurred at home. Therefore the hope is it will allow people in there later years to live more independent lives. As they always have a method of communication when help is needed.

Some of this technology will be available within wearable devices, that track our physical heath and mental well being. They can help us lead a healthy life by monitoring our activity levels, quality of sleep, and nutrition.

Better broadband means better smart homes

Our products rely heavily on what bandwidth we receive from the outside world, during the next decade this is hopefully going to get better for everyone. Reaching the heights of cities like South Korea who have an average mobile download speed of 52mb. With the UK scoring on average 21mb.

With the global rollout of 5G as well as improved WiFi technology such as WiFi 6. Smart home devices will be linked by faster, more powerful networks. Meaning better access to data.

Smart Home specialists such as Majik House can manipulate the signal once it reaches a client’s home, to work best for them and their system. However, broadband strength and reliability (especially in rural areas) has always proven challenging when it comes to reliability.

Majik House professionally install smart home devices, however the Majik comes when programming all the devices to work together in unison. Providing a line of communication, for example, your alexa can talk to your Home Cinema System, which can talk to your lighting system, which in turn can talk to your security system and so on. With better broadband and 5G, the possibilities will be endless and flawless!

Faster networks don’t simply mean a quicker transfer of data between devices, or between devices and the cloud. It also means increasingly sophisticated applications, utilizing bigger, faster data streams, become a possibility. Devices such as smart thermostats and automated security systems will have access to more varied and up-to-date information.

Smarter Bathrooms

Often known as the forgotten room when it comes to smart home technology. We don’t tend to put as much emphasis onto the technology in our bathrooms as we do our Kitchens or Living Spaces. However, this maybe about to change! We’re still a way away from these features becoming mainstream, but someday spa-like experiences will be featured in most homes. No longer must you start your own bath. Your digital assistant will take care of that for you. Additionally, your smart bath will release relaxing brain waves and aromatherapy from controls on your smartphone. (a feature that Majik House is already very familiar with) There are nose-geared gadgets in the works that will help isolate your aromatherapy sessions specifically to you.

Smartening up your bathroom with everything from heated toilets and smart showers. To voice-activated mirrors and perfect fill tubs may seem futuristic to some. Majik House however have been smartening up bathrooms for many years, installing sound systems, relaxing lighting scenes and of course bathroom TVs. As a company we are excited to see the development of technology in this area.

Smart Home Tech for a smarter Workplace

With smart homes more the norm than the exception now, our expectations outside the house become more ambitious. 5G, once fully deployed and more mature, will have enormous ramifications for smarter work spaces. More and more offices will start adopting smart technology throughout replicating the convenience you have at home in the workplace.

Many companies already embrace the energy-saving and cost-efficient technologies like smart lighting. As we have spoken about previously, professional lighting design can enrich the quality of living and working environments. It can lead to an upswing in employees mental health and productivity at work. Benefiting both the employer and end customer.

A migration of tech from home to workplace is already fully underway and only set to expand. With smart homes more the norm than the exception now, our expectations outside the house become more ambitious.

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