Suburban Sanctuary

Smart home technology should enhance the functionality of your home, whilst most importantly being discreet.

See for yourself how Majik House together with Control4 can deliver the latest tech while keeping your house a home.

This beautifully renovated home oozes opulence and is the perfect space for entertaining. Our technology seamlessly compliments the timeless interior design, while taking a technological leap for this contemporary designed home.

Majik House curated the lighting design and control throughout the home. Taking extra care to consider the owners specific requests. The clients had lived with Smart Home Technology in their previous home. Therefore they knew how they wanted the technology to work for them.

The owners love to entertain! This was a key factor when designing the system. From dynamic audio perfect for party nights. To subtle lighting scene changes to move seamlessly from night to day.

Control4 was the system of choice, which allowed the owners to easily control their lighting, audio visual and security system from the strategically placed touch screens and touch pads around the property. As well as remote controls for controlling the TV Distribution. They also had access to all the control elements from their mobile phones and tablets.

You check out the properties state of the art Home Cinema ‘Pride of Place’ by visiting our portfolio here  

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Control4 is our premium choice of control system as the programming is reliable, configurable and most importantly user friendly. we want the technology in your home to enhance the way you live your life.

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