Tech Trends for 2021

Last year saw some huge leaps in the world of technology. From the first private flight to space to the Zoom revolution! Check out our top tech trends for 2021.

Autonomous Driving –

technology trends - autonomous driving

On the streets of Phoenix, Arizona more than 300 cars are operating by themselves, collecting and dropping off passengers with no human driver at the wheel. It is part of a new autonomous taxi service and was opened to the public in October. The first service of its kind, but surely not the last.

Tesla’s next software update is also said to include more autonomous driving capabilities. Dependent on your location.

Upping your security –

tech trends for 2021 - home security

We have always found that implementing security into your home is a very personal decision. A system that works for one person may not work for another. Tech. companies are now investing big money in security systems, from Video doorbells, external security cameras, flying internal cameras and many more exciting new products. The home security market is now open to many more of us, regardless of budget. This means that whether you have a ‘two up two down’ or multi-room mansion, there will be a security system out there for you.

Checkout-less shopping –

checkout-less shopping technology trend

It has been a troubling year for many retailers. The trend towards online shopping went into overdrive, as customers were stranded at home during lockdowns. Retailers that survive maybe facing a new technology in 2021.
It’s been reported that Amazon will expand its GO store chain – shops that don’t have a checkout. For customers it would speed up shopping as they can pick up the products they want and simply exit the store. A clever combination of cameras and artificial intelligence tracks what they have taken and bills them accordingly when they leave.
Many UK supermarkets have also implemented ‘scan and go’ technology. Making the whole shopping experience quicker and safer.

Home Cinemas –

technology trends 2021 - home cinemas

With Cinemas being closed since last March and major blockbusters postponed or straight to streaming. Making your living room into your own private cinema has become the latest home trend. We are seeing many clients wanting to update their TV’s, surround sound systems, better networking for faster streaming and smart control systems.
With huge releases such as Leonardo DiCaprio’s “Don’t look up” and Colin Firth’s “Supernova” coming straight to your front room in 2021, is your home cinema system ready?

You can discover our Majik House Home Cinema Package by Clicking Here. We can help you turn your to turn your lounge into your very own private cinema.

Health Tech –

health tech

2020 saw unprecedented changes and challenges for the health service. Technology has been implemented in many parts of the service to support the increase in demand. Virtual doctors’ appointment could become the norm. With GP surgeries being reserved for more practical appointments only. If we are to be reliant on this technology to support our health, our home broadband and networks need to be capable of quality video calling. Online Diagnosis systems are also said to be getting more and more intelligent and becoming more efficient.
Technology is also paramount in assisting scientists in helping to predict future pandemics, hopefully before they happen.

Apple –

Apple tech releases in 2021

We can’t talk about a year in tech without mentioning Apple. This year the tech giant is expected to release a new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models. Both with Apple Silicon chips later in the year. Apple is also rumoured to be releasing 4 new iPhone models this coming year. With more affordable handsets available.

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