Majik House has been in existence for 20 years and reinvented itself 3 times.

The time came 12 months ago for us to consider a fourth reinvention. In our opinion the need to refresh your offering and demonstrate creativity is essential in today’s market.

Our Experience Centre is the start of showing our offering. However, we have now added a new dimension for our client to experience.

Consider living with our offering for 24 hours and working out how it will affect your lifestyle. Using all our offering and checking out how we execute our projects?

In partnership, with a luxury Bathroom Company we have designed built and created 4 luxury suites to hopefully blow you away.

Our added brand is called Absoluxe Suites and they are based in the heart of Kirkby Lonsdale. You can step out of the front door and experience the plethora of food and drink on offer with no need to get a taxi or drive your car.

We think they are rather special and they have been a creation in the making for 12 months.


What technology have we added to the Luxury suites?

  • Mood lighting in each bedroom and bathroom so that with an easy press of the button you change the feel of your suite
  • Electronic blinds-another quick press to close your blinds or open them. Notice how quiet they are and how dark they make the room to enhance your sleeping conditions
  • Bathroom TV’s to add a touch of decadence for a nights’ stay! Champagne and your favourite film whilst floating in perfumed bubbles!
  • Large screen TV’s in the bedroom from which you can control – TV options, music and  room temperature. If you cant be bothered to press the button by your head for the lights you can also do this on screen.

The beauty of all this is the simplicity with which it operates.

Because someone staying for a night has to have it working immediately and consistently.

  • All you do is press the RED 4 on the remote and a screen appears from which you operate your room.
  • Music – you can stream music, make a playlist or listen to our playlists with ease in the bedroom and the bathroom.
  • As you make your way to your suite you will experience our music and lighting in the hall, on the stairs to complete the experience
  • There is also a little CCTV present in the communal areas
  • The front door is operated by a code you are given before you arrive
  • Wi-Fi is free in all rooms with your own unique room code.
  • We specialize in the networking behind systems to ensure they all operate to their optimum. This is the backbone of all our systems.

We intend to showcase the luxury suites to potential clients in addition to or instead of the showroom. Then let them make the decision if they would like to stay and get a more holistic experience.

Our belief is that Majik House is the only smart technology company in the UK to give the potential client the opportunity to “try before you buy”. We love that fact because it is important to us to keep our creative approach alive and to experiment!


We look forward to welcoming you to Majik House and Absoluxe Suites.

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