Two Houses Make a Home

Majik House teams up with local artisan fragrance designers ‘Bath House’ to produce a bespoke luxury gift set.

We are a nation obsessed with candles and home fragrance, they are the perfect accompaniment to create a relaxed and homely atmosphere. So when it came to redeveloping our client gift package, Bath House were our first choice to collaborate with.

Our aim was to produce a product that could enhance our client’s completed home projects and their overall experience of working with us. We looked to create a product which was bespoke to Majik House and also representative of who we are as a business. We are very proud to be based in Cumbria and take great pride in being one of the longest running smart home technology companies in the UK working out of the Lake District. We were passionate about working on the project with a local company who create quality regional products.

Bath House is a well-established local brand who pride themselves on their location, they have been mastering the fine art of fragrance production since 1997. Inspired by Cumbria and the local landscape, 98% of all their ingredients are natural and every product created gets the made in Cumbria seal of approval. Both Bath House and Majik House are extremely customer focused and want to produce the best quality product and give the best in customer service. Because of this it seemed a natural fit to work together on this project.

Our main aim was to create a luxury, personalised gift which would be presented to our clients once their project had come to completion. The gift was a token of our thanks and appreciation for choosing us to design and create their smart home project and as a welcoming gift into their newly renovated home. Majik House distinguishes itself through our focus on client relationships and we are always looking for new and innovative ways to show our appreciation to the client and strengthen the professional bond.

In regards to the product itself we welcomed a design that was truly representative of Majik House and mirrored our brand. Bath House came to us with some specifically tailored options that we selected from during the design process. The final box was sleek and sophisticated, using a matt black linen paper wrap with holographic foil logo. The diffuser oil was placed in a frosted glass jar and the candle came with a bespoke silver lid. The whole collection was held together under the Majik House seal which breaks upon opening to reveal the product inside.

The fragrance we chose to create the product was ‘Wild Fig and Cassis’ a scent created by the Bath House and stands as part of their ‘home collection’ range. The scent consists of Mediterranean Fig and rich Blackcurrant Cassis, with notes of White Lilly and Jasmine. Bath House describe the fragrance as a “refreshing cold mountain breeze at the beginning of a hot day”. The candle is made from 100% soy wax with a burn time of 40 hours, while the diffuser contains perfumed oil which delivers a constant scent for 6 months.

The clients to date that have been gifted with the product have been delighted with the result, both the candle and diffuser have taken pride of place within their homes. One client in particular commented on the sophistication of the fragrance and the elegant design, our aim was to create a product that would complement all our clients’ homes. As a company we have been thrilled with the feedback and hope that the gift signifies our thanks and loyalty to the client for choosing Majik House to create their smart home project.

Looking forward we hope that in time we can develop our own exclusive fragrance with the brand. Using the Bath Houses expertise in their field to capture the ambience and unique characteristics that Majik House represents, with our own scent.

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