What you see is what we do

What is it they say a picture paints? Well, we’re no wordsmiths and describing our work here on our website or in an article can quickly get us tongue-tied, so instead we invest in good quality photography.

Actually, allow us to clarify that last sentence a little further: we invest in the services of a professional photographer to capture great quality images of completed projects; genuine projects, for genuine customers, with work undertaken by the Majik House team.

You may be wondering why we need to explain this, but the fact of the matter is that there are any number of home automation companies, smart home installers or home cinema designers who don’t use images of their own work. Instead, they might use photography from stock libraries and present this as being an example of their craft.

Some unscrupulous companies might even ‘scrape’ images from other people’s websites, assuming that they won’t get found out and that potential customers will be attracted by what they see.

We know only too well about this approach and, over the years, have had to request Majik House images be removed from numerous websites or social media accounts as they have been used without our permission.

Elegant staircase with beautiful chandalier and integrated home automation by Majik House

We fully appreciate that commissioning professional photography is an investment, an expense that fledgling (or even long-established) businesses may not wish to incur, but that’s not our way – they may see the cost of photography, but we appreciate it’s value.

The many home automation, lighting design, home cinema and smart home installation projects you see here on the Majik House website and on our social media channels is of real people’s homes, and we are proud to show the work we have undertaken for them.

Not every customer wishes to have their home featured for obvious reasons, and we’ll always respect our customer’s privacy, but when we are given permission to photograph a beautiful home then, like the project itself, we want to do the best job possible, and that includes professional photography.

For nearly a decade we have commissioned the very talented Steven Barber for Majik House’s photography and the results speak for themselves. Steve started his career as a press photographer and picture editor and in the three decades since has photographed celebrities and royalty, businesses of all size and sector, food and drink, properties both inside and out, plus probably more weddings than he can remember!

When you look at a photograph on our website, what do you see?

Chances are, there’s not actually a lot of ‘tech’ to be seen; some lighting units, a television or cinema screen, a wall control panel or a Control4 remote but, essentially, you’re seeing someone’s lovely home.

That’s because the vast majority of a Majik House smart home installation is hidden away and out of sight, either in walls and cavities, or ceilings or underfloor, exactly as it should be.

“Homes are for living in, they’re not meant to be showrooms for AV systems and lighting displays.” Says Jit Mistry, Sales Director at Majik House.

“The purpose of home automation is to enhance the living environment. The purpose of a home cinema is to watch great movies or TV shows with a full movie theatre experience, with ultra-high-definition picture quality and immersive sound to match.”

“When was the last time you went to the cinema and spent your evening looking at the projector or the sound system, rather than sitting back and enjoying the movie?”

Beautiful living room and view to garden, with lighting control by Majik House

And Jit’s right – take a look at any of our portfolio projects and there will be plenty of images where you might find yourself playing a game of ‘spot the technology’ as it’s either invisible or very discreet.

“Every picture tells a story, but the story is always much more than meets the eye.” Adds Autumn Burrow, Trainee Operations Manager at Majik House.

“I can guarantee that if you single-out any photograph on our website that we can tell you what equipment has been used, what the installation involved and how we approached it.”

“Our photography isn’t just intended to show pretty pictures, it’s one way in which we can demonstrate our capabilities, our skills and experience, and extend assurances that we’ll deliver a home automation, lighting or home cinema project to the same exacting standards in your property.”

So, when you’re comparing which home automation specialist, consider what you’re seeing but also take time to consider what you’re not seeing.

And when you make your enquiries, ask about the projects you’re seeing: what can they tell you about that cinema room or that high-end audio system? How well did they get on with the architect or interior designer, and how pleased was the client once the project was fully commissioned and handed over?

A picture can indeed tell a thousand words, just make sure those words tell the full story and, most importantly, that they are telling the truth.

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